Pets Corner

The pets corner is always popular with both younger and older children, with its collection of tame domestic animals including Goats, chickens, rabbits and guinea-pigs it’s a great opportunity for the kids to get involved.

These animals, along with the Soay Sheep and Koi Carp are the only exhibits that may be fed by visitors. The racks are always stacked with hay and at the nearby Gift Shop, packets of suitable food may be bought. The Koi Carp can become very tame and be hand fed. Suitable food can be purchased for these from the feeding stations around the pool.

We also keep two types of tortoises’ at Natureland. They both originate from the countries around the Mediterranean and are now endangered species. In the summer of 2000, two baby tortoises were successfully hatched at Natureland and the tortoise enclosure has been redesigned to encourage further captive breeding.