Our alpacas are onsite at Natureland from April until November, they stay offsite at their winter home from November until April to allow the grass in their paddock to regrow.

There are two breeds of alpaca:

The Suri and the Huacaya (pronounced  wa-ky-ya).

The Huacaya has a wooly, dense, crimped fleece — like a teddy bear. The Suri has fiber that grows long and forms silky dreadlocks.

Our alpacas are Huacaya and their names are Lucky, Apollo and Endeavor!

Apollo is our smallest alpaca and has the number 14 on the tag in his ear, Apollo 14 was the third spacecraft to successfully land on the moon, hence the name!

Endeavour is our biggest and greediest alpaca, and has the number 12 on the tag in his ear.

Lucky tends to hang back more than our other two as he is a little more timid, but still has a big appetite! Lucky has the number 11 on the tag in his ear.